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Weapons of God was established in 2011 under the name "Dreams of Serenity" by founding member Steve McGowan, on guitar and vocals, Dave Brown, drums, and Bill Gentry on guitar. Bob Mullins joined the band soon after on bass. After several months of playing and practicing, the band was put on hold due to personal situations in each of the members' lives. 


In 2014 Steve McGowan began work on home recordings of original songs. Bill Gentry also continued to write and record with Steve. In that same year, the name of the band would be changed to Weapons of God.

Song writing, recording and editing continued until March of 2015. With a finished demo CD in the works, drummer Dave Belt would join the band in June 2015. In that same month, guitarist Bill Gentry left the band due to personal reasons.


In August 2015,  bassist Mark Cowan would join the band, bringing an edge with him and Weapons of God soon after moved into a practice room.


On New Years Day 2016, Dave Belt left the band pursuing the ministry. Within one week, Dan Hayden joins the band, filling the spot as the new drummer. Also in January 2016, Leon Black joins the band as the new rhythm guitarist. (Dan and Leon had been band mates for quite a few years.)


Dan and Leon brought an energy to Weapons of God and their musical talents escalated the band ten times faster and better than it was before.

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In June 2016, due to previous back injuries, Dan had to make the personal decision to step down from drumming.


With Dan leaving the band, it was by faith that a couple of weeks later, on July 15, original drummer Dave Brown returned to the band. With his return, Weapons of God was able to finish fine tuning the music for the world to hear at their upcoming debut show.  Dave learned all nine songs within eight weeks of returning to the band for the show.


In August 2016, after scheduling their debut for October 1, 2016, they found out that they were losing Dan to a sudden health complication. On August 22, 2016, Dan Hayden passed away. This was a shock to the band and during the public debut, they dedicated the show and the song "Anger" to his memory.

In May 2017, Weapons of God started working on their debut CD with the Riff Entertainment Store and writing new material.

In June 2018, after three years, Mark Cowan left the band for personal reasons. His time and devotion to the band was greatly appreciated and he will be missed.

Weapons of God then welcomed Ed Girard to the band in August 2018 as the new bass player. With his 40+ years of experience, it is an honor and privilege to have Ed in the band. Ed brings an outstanding melodic bass sound to the music and a heart for perfection, pushing the band even farther. 


With the debut CD almost complete, Ed agreed that he will add his bass tracks to the CD. 


On January 19, 2019, Dave Brown left the band due to personal reasons. We are very thankful for his contributions over the years. 

On March 24, 2019, Greg Alan joined the band as drummer. With twenty-eight years behind the kit,  the evidence was showing at our first practice with him.

After two long years, things finally came together on June 2, 2019 when Steve signed a contract with Roxx Records out of California for the release of Weapons of God's first  Debut Album,  self-titled Weapons of God.

On June 8, 2019, the CD was finally completed by the Riff Entertainment Store and paid in full.

On July 26, 2019 The self-titled Weapons of God CD was released to the Public.

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