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Hanging out with a new friend and fan
Steve Wiseman.
Daniel Streety from Bred 4 War and
Tony Marks from The Grr Gospel Rock
Radio Show. 
"That Tony!! Always goofin' off!!"
Steve McGowan hanging out with
Second Generation.
From L to R: Shawn Parker, Doug Dorris and
Garrett Cleveland
From L to R: Harry Becker from Filthy Rags, Steve McGowan from Weapons of God,
Dave Kruse from The Covenant Metal Show and Mark Davis from SouleJoie
From L to R: Dave Belt, Rising Within,
Steve McGowan , Weapons of God,
Dave Kruse, The Covenant Metal Show, Tommy Sartin and Steve Cain, Rising Within.
Dave Kruse and Steve McGowan with Tetelestai. From L to R : Jedidiah Hall, Chris Lundy, Doug Dorris and Paul Cook.
Top picture...Steve McGowan 
Below picture...Rochelle McGowan with Bayou Believers.
From L to R:  Their Manager Ron Roper,  Kent Hornback, Andy Griffin,
Mark Culpepper and Rodney Gisclair
Dwayne Gobin and Rochelle McGowan
Weapons of God Manager Rochelle McGowan with Dave Kruse from
The Covenant Metal Show.
Dave Kruse, Harry Becker and Steve McGowan with Kenny " Wheels" McClain   and the band 3 Days Under.
From L to R: Nathan Frame, Kyle Ingle, Jamie Adams, Patrick Rivers and
Robin Smith.
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