Founding member of Weapons of God, Steve has been playing guitar for over 38 years. He can play the bass guitar and has played for several local bands in his hometown area in the past. Currently, he is also playing the guitar, in the praise and worship team at Family Life Church in Lebanon, Oh for over three years.

Steve's vocal influences range from great Rock and metal singers such as Paul Stanley, Bruce Dickinson, Michael Kiske, and Matt Barlow. His guitar influences Randy Rhoads, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen, Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Darryl "Dimebag" Abbott.

Bringing the fire and electricity to the band, Steve hopes to reach out to those who are lost, hurting, misguided or just need a refresher in Christ.

"The songs that are written are the trials and testimonies of what myself, Leon, Greg and Ed have gone through in our lives. I pray that we reach those that are going through the hurt, the pain, the guilt, the suffering, the drug addicts, the alcoholics and bring healing and blessings where need through Jesus' name. If God can turn around four beat up guys like us, rearranged us and changed us for the better, God alone can do the same for you."

Leon has been playing guitar and writing music for over 30 years. He started writing original metal music about a year after picking up the guitar and began singing in the first band he was ever in because they never could find a singer. He has played in venues around the tri-state area for almost as long as he has been playing guitar.
Leon's early influences were Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Doors among others and later on thrash metal and hardcore bands. He likes heavy, aggressive music and that’s what he prefers to play and write. He also plays bass and dabbles in all kinds of experimental electronic music. He doesn't like to be put into a specific genre because that limits the possibilities. Leon says, "I'm willing to play whatever anyone in the band writes or wants to play as long as we do it for the right reasons."
Leon started listening to Christian rock and metal even before he started playing and has always been drawn to music that has a more positive message.
"God put me in this band for a reason and I believe we are doing what we can to submit to his higher purpose for us and hope to reach as many people as possible with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross."

With over 42 years playing experience on the Bass and the musical influences of Steve Harris, John Entwistle, Geezer Butler and Ian Hill to name a few, Ed has been a great asset to the band since he joined Weapons of God in Aug of 2018.

Most recently Ed played locally with Four Star Revival and Next To Nowhere for several years. “Rockin' for the Rock is where it’s at! Using my talents for Christ is not only fun, but very important to me”

Twenty eight years behind the kit, Greg  "Brings back the thunder and lightning" to the band and he looks forward to the future and what God has in store for Weapons of God!

Evidence showing at our first practice with him, he has many musical Influences. His drumming influences are Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Danny Carey, and Joey Jordison.  Although not in a band for the past ten years, his previous local bands are Morbid Joy, Strayn, and Rise of the Despised.

He has also worked as a studio musician, drummer for hire, and a drum instructor and has played for his church band as well.

Greg said in a Facebook post, "This is my first order of business for me to attend to so that I am capable of fulfilling my obligations to sit upon the drum throne for "Weapons of God". I have fully embraced this great opportunity that they have given me to be a dedicated member of this band...For me...This is a blessing in disguise."

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