Leon has been playing guitar and writing music for over 30 years. He started writing original metal music about a year after picking up the guitar and began singing in the first band he was ever in because they never could find a singer. He has played in venues around the tri-state area for almost as long as he has been playing guitar.
Leon's early influences were Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, The Doors among others and later on thrash metal and hardcore bands. He likes heavy, aggressive music and that’s what he prefers to play and write. He also plays bass and dabbles in all kinds of experimental electronic music. He doesn't like to be put into a specific genre because that limits the possibilities. Leon says, "I'm willing to play whatever anyone in the band writes or wants to play as long as we do it for the right reasons."
Leon started listening to Christian rock and metal even before he started playing and has always been drawn to music that has a more positive message.
"God put me in this band for a reason and I believe we are doing what we can to submit to his higher purpose for us and hope to reach as many people as possible with the message of salvation through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross."