Twenty eight years behind the kit, Greg  "Brings back the thunder and lightning" to the band and he looks forward to the future and what God has in store for Weapons of God!

Evidence showing at our first practice with him, he has many musical Influences. His drumming influences are Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Danny Carey, and Joey Jordison.  Although not in a band for the past ten years, his previous local bands are Morbid Joy, Strayn, and Rise of the Despised.

He has also worked as a studio musician, drummer for hire, and a drum instructor and has played for his church band as well.

Greg said in a Facebook post, "This is my first order of business for me to attend to so that I am capable of fulfilling my obligations to sit upon the drum throne for "Weapons of God". I have fully embraced this great opportunity that they have given me to be a dedicated member of this band...For me...This is a blessing in disguise."